Drop In

Until the FLL Championships are all completed, Drop In will not be available

Watch here for info on when drop in will be restarting!

Resources for FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Teams

FLL teams will be able to take advantage of available empty FLL tables. Teams will need to bring their own field setup kits to place into the tables.

Resources for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Teams

FTC teams will find a complete field for the current FTC game/season. Teams will need to bring their own game elements for practice.  The field is otherwise complete.

Resources for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Teams

FRC teams will find a FRC field-sized carpeted area for driving practice. Currently, the area is populated with:
  • nothing currently
Efforts are under way to populate the area with a full practice field that will be available to teams on a regular, consistent schedule!

Rules & Requirements

To help ensure a fun, safe experience for all teams, we will be requiring:
  • code of conduct forms
  • liability release forms
  • adult supervision for all teams at a ratio of no less than 2 adult for every 8 students
  • pre-registration (no charge) for teams to attend
Additionally, for FTC and FRC teams, the teams will be expected to practice graciously. Safety glasses and close-toed footwear will be required at all times around the FTC and FRC Fields.

FRC robots will be required to load in/out of the build only via the rollup door.  Rollup door operation will be managed by Play Space personnel only.