The Play Space is the home to Playing At Learning, the Northern California partner for FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST LEGO League (including FIRST LEGO League Challenge, FIRST LEGO League Explore and FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Discover)

The space serves as a focal point for planning and support for approximately 1000 youth robotics teams, representing at least 10,000 students, all engaged in learning about STEM careers. We have a mission to particularly reach and support the under-represented and under-served in Northern California.

During the school year, The Play Space serves as a resource for teams participating in the FIRST family of programs. Weekend tournaments for FLL Challenge and FTC, Festivals for FLL Explore, practice days for FRC all take place during the school year.

As summer rolls around, The Play Space becomes a source for learning about robotics with several weeks of LEGO Mindstorms robotics camps/classes for interested students.

About Our Organization

Playing At Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Play Space is a home for Playing At Learning's various activities.

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